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Today's Quiz

Its time again to test ourselves with some Bible questions. have fun...

_____ 1. The book of Proverbs says that God hates ____ things. How many? (a) 3, (b) 4, (c) 7, (d) 500.

_____ 2. The Bible (Psalms) suggests that the average life span of a human is _____ years. (a) 60, (b) 70, (c) 80, (d) it doesn't say.

_____ 3. Along that same vein it says, if we have strength it is _____. (a) 60, (b) 70, (c) 80, (d) it doesn't say.

_____ 4. In a contest against Baal, how many barrels of water were poured over the sacrifice on the altar? (a) 4, (b) 8, (c) 12, (d) none.

_____ 5. Nadab abd Abihu died because of what they offered at the altar. What was it? (a) a blemished animal, (b) the wrong animal, (c) strange fire.

_____ 6. What leader chose his followers by watching how they drank water? (a) Gideon, (b) Moses, (c) David, (d) Clydeous.

_____ 7. After the children of Israel crossed the Jordan, how many stones were taken from the river? (a) 7, (b) 12, (c) 50, (d) 100.

_____ 8. As Joshua and the people marched around Jericho, how many priests carried trumpets? (a) 7, (b) 12, (c) 50, (d) 100.

_____ 9. When Elijah was on Mt. Carmel, how many times did he send his servant to look for a cloud? (a) 3, (b) 5, (c) 7, (d) 1.

_____ 10. How many men from the tribe of Judah were sent out to capture Samson? (a) 20, (b) 50, (c) 100, (d) 3,000.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 05/16/2015 Quiz

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