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Some Bible Questions

I hope you've got your Bible thinking caps on to answer these challenging questions.... As always, have fun....

_____ 1. Certain Athenian philosophers thought Paul was a _______________. (a) seer, (b) genius, (c) babbler, (d) weirdo.

_____ 2. Zechariah had a vision of a basket (ephah). What was in it? (a) a woman, (b) some fruit, (c) a tisket, (d) it doesn't say.

_____ 3. When King Shishak stole the gold shields from the temple in 2 Chronicles, who replaced them with bronze ones? (a) King Saul, (b) King Rehoboam, (c) King Jeroboam, (d) they weren't replaced.

_____ 4. In what book of the New Testament do we find the name Narcissus? (a) Acts, (b) Romans, (c) 1st Corinthians, (d) 2nd Corinthians.

_____ 5. In what book of the Bible are the words "the joy of the Lord is my strength" found? (a) Ezra, (b) Ezekiel, (c) Esther, (d) Nehemiah.

_____ 6. Who in the Old Testament said: "If I Perish, If I Perish?" (a) Isaiah, (b) Amos, (c) Esther, (d) Clydeous.

_____ 7. Name the shortest book in the Old Testament. (a) Obadiah, (b) Jude, (c) Song of Solomon, (d) Hosea.

_____ 8. In the book of Jeremiah, the Recabites refused to drink ____________. (a) water, (b) fruit punch, (c) milk, (d) wine.

_____ 9. The woman who poured perfume over Jesus' head carried it in what kind of jar? (a) brass, (b) clay, (c) alabaster, (d) plastic.

_____ 10. Who was Asenath's famous husband? (a) Moses, (b) Aaron, (c) Joseph, (d) Potiphar.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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