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Prosperity Through Unity, Gratitude, And Respect

"Jerusalem that is built as a city that is compact together; .......... To give thanks in the name of the Lord....... For their thrones were set for judgment" (Psa.122:3-5).

A major pre-requisite for peace and prosperity is unity. Have you ever worked at a job with people that did not get along with one another? How unpleasant was that? Within our churches, for peace and prosperity to reign, there must be unity. Verse three today states that Jerusalem (the church) is a city that is compact together... The church was designed to be a group of people that would be at peace because they are working, loving, and growing together. Lets add gratitude to unity for folks to have peace and prosperity. Verse four says To give thanks in the name of the Lord... Someone has said, and rightly so; "No one has ever prospered by forgetting those that helped them along the way..." Even we do not continue giving handouts to ungrateful recipients, so why would we expect God to? Each and every day we must give thanks to the Lord for what Jesus did for us. Lastly, peace and prosperity requires a healthy respect for authority. Verse five says their thrones were set for judgment. Standards for what is right and wrong have been set within God's Word. We cannot flippantly discard the morality that the Lord has taught us and allow man to devise the standards. We will find happiness and prosperity in living our lives according to God's standards... More tomorrow...

Have a great day.... Let His light shine through you.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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