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We all know that Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon, but do you remember who was second? Today's quiz is about # 2s, who may not be as easy to remember as # 1. As always, have fun..

_____ 1. Saul was the 1st king of Israel. Who was # 2. (hint: it wasn't David) (a) Ish-Bosheth, (b) Abner, (c) Recab, (d) Asahel.

_____ 2. God's 1st covenant with man was with Noah. Who was # 2? (a) Adam, (b) Cain, (c) Shem, (d) Abraham.

_____ 3. In John's gospel, turning water into wine was Jesus' 1st miracle. What was # 2? (a) fed 5,000, (b) walks on water, (c) Heal the Official's son, (d) turned stones to bread.

_____ 4. Paul's 1st traveling companion was Barnabas. Who was # 2? (a) Mark, (b) Silas, (c) Timothy, (d) Tertius.

_____ 5. The 1st plague in Egypt was the turning the Nile's waters to blood. What was # 2? (a) gnats, (b) flies, (c) frogs, (d) boils.

_____ 6. Othniel was the 1st judge of Israel. Who was # 2? (a) Ehud, (b) Deborah, (c) Abimelech, (d) Gideon.

_____ 7. Jacob's 1st born son was Reuben. Who was # 2? (a) Judah, (b) Levi, (c) Simeon, (d) Dan.

_____ 8. The serpent in Eden was the 1st talking animal in the Bible. Who is # 2? (a) a parrot, (b) Balaam's donkey, (c) a raven, (d) a dove.

_____ 9. David's 1st capital city was Hebron. What was # 2? (a) Jerusalem, (b) Dotham, (c) Bethel, (d) Bethany

_____ 10. Esther is the 1st book of the Bible to not mention God. What was # 2? (a) Ruth, (b) Nahum, (c) Song of Solomon, (d) Hosea.

Have a great weekend and a glorifying and uplifting day of worship on His day... Love mark

Answers for 11/21/2015 Quiz

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