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Names Made In Heaven

To quote William Shakespeare, "What's in a name?" Today's quiz is about names that were changed or designated from above. You have to come up with the name or the name-changer... Have fun.

_____ 1. What did God change Jacob's name to? (a) John, (b) Israel, (c) Jegar, (d) Clydeous.

_____ 2. What prophet was told to name his son Maher-shalal-hash-baz? (a) Isaiah, (b) Jeremiah, (c) Ezekiel, (d) Ezra.

_____ 3. Who told Joseph what Jesus' name would be? (a) an angel, (b) Mary, (c) God Himself, (d) Gabriel.

_____ 4. What prophet was told by God to name his son Lo-ammi? (a) Zechariah, (b) Haggai, (c) Hosea, (d) Micah.

_____ 5. Who told Hagar to name her son Ishmael? (a) God, (b) an angel, (c) Abraham, (d) Sarah.

_____ 6. Who was told by an angel to name his son John? (a) Elisabeth, (b) Mary, (c) Peter, (d) Zacharias.

_____ 7. What new name did Jesus give to Simon? (a) Simone, (b) Peter, (c) Cephas, (d) b and c.

_____ 8. Who told David to name his son Solomon? (a) word of the Lord, (b) Nathan, (c) Michael, (d) he came up with the name himself.

_____ 9. What was Sarai's name changed to? (a) Hagar, (b) Miriam, (c) Sarah, (d) Deborah.

_____ 10. Who told Mary that her son was to be named Jesus? (a) Joseph, (b) God in a dream, (c) the angel Gabriel, (d) a wise man.

Have a great weekend and a glorifying and uplifting day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 12/12/2015 Quiz

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