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Gifts Of The Magi

"Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh" (Matt.2:11).

First of all, lets get a few things cleared up about the "Magi." They were not kings, but probably astrologers from the east, perhaps Persia or southern Arabia... They were not there when Jesus was born, but came sometime later, when he was a child in his house. They came because of a "strange star" they had seen, and wound up first in Jerusalem. The most popular misconception was that there were three of them. They did bring three gifts, but no mention is made of their number. What they did when they found Him was to worship Him and present Him with three important gifts... It is those gifts that I would like to talk about a bit this morning. First, they gave Him gold. We all know what that is, but why did they give this to Jesus? Remember that Jesus and his family were poor folks who perhaps had never even had any gold in their hands. They gave Him the gold because they viewed Him as a king, and kings deserved gold... Frankincense was next, and it was a costly incense that was used in worship. The incense was given as a symbol of their worship of Him. Finally came the myrrh. One of the primary uses of myrrh was in the embalming process for dead people, and perhaps the Magi saw ahead in time... Jesus was a king. (gold) Jesus was to be worshiped. (frankincense) Jesus would die for the sins of the world. (myrrh) As we enjoy the opening of presents here on Christmas Day, lets remember that great gift of Jesus that God presented us with. The greatest gift of all time...

Have a wonderful Christmas Day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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