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Quiz About Messianic Prophecies

Today's quiz is about prophesies from the OT which were fulfilled in Jesus' life. For each prophecy listed, you are to name to OT book that contains the prophecy of the event. As always, have fun...

_____ 1. Casting lots for Jesus' robes. (a) Psalms, (b) Isaiah, (c) Micah, (d) Malachi.

_____ 2. Jesus' crucifixion between two (2) thieves.(transgressors) (a) Psalms, (b) Isaiah, (c) Zechariah, (d) Micah.

_____ 3. The 30 pieces of silver. (a) Psalms, (b) Isaiah, (c) Zechariah, (d) Micah.

_____ 4. The virgin birth. (a) Psalms, (b) Isaiah, (c) Malachi, (d) Hosea.

_____ 5. Jesus' birth in Bethlehem. (a) Psalms, (b) Isaiah, (c) Jeremiah, (d) Micah.

_____ 6. The piercing of Jesus' side with a spear. (a) Psalms, (b) Zechariah, (c) Hosea, (d) Malachi.

_____ 7. None of Jesus' bones would be broken. (a) Psalms, (b) Isaiah, (c) Malachi, (d) Obadiah.

_____ 8. Betrayal by a close companion. (a) Psalms, (b) Hosea, (c) Malachi, (d) Micah.

_____ 9. Jesus entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. (a) Psalms, (b) Isaiah, (c) Zechariah, (d) Micah.

_____ 10. Giving Jesus vinegar to drink. (a) Psalms, (b) Isaiah, (c) Hosea, (d) Micah.

_____ 11. Jesus, Mary and Joseph leaving Egypt and returning to Galilee. (a) Psalms, (b) Isaiah, (c) Hosea, (d) Obadiah.

_____ 12. Jesus speaking in parables. (a) Psalms, (b) Isaiah, (c) Zechariah, (d) Micah.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 01/14/2017 Quiz

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