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If you haven't guessed it, today's quiz is about sheep and shepherds...As you try to answer these questions, I hope I don't pull the wool over your eyes... As always, have fun.

_____ 1. What wealthy OT man had 14,000 sheep? (a) Abraham, (b) Lot, (c) King David, (d) Clydeous.

_____ 2. Who married the shepherd girl Zipporah? (a) King David, (b) King Solomon, (c) Samson, (d) Hosea.

_____ 3. Whom did Jesus command to shepherd His church? (take care of my sheep) (a) Peter, (b) Paul, (c) Mary, (d) John.

________ 4. Who was the Bible's 1st shepherd?

_____ 5. What prophet said; "We are all like sheep who have gone astray?" (a) Ezekiel, (b) Isaiah, (c) Jeremiah, (d) Zechariah.

_____ 6. In which Gospel does Jesus talk about separating the sheep from the goats? (a) Matthew, (b) Mark, (c) Luke, (d) John.

_____ 7. Who had compassion on the people because they seemed like sheep without a shepherd? (a) King David, (b) King Solomon, (c) Paul, (d) Jesus.

_____ 8. Who berated King Saul because he heard the bleating of sheep taken in his battle with the Amalekites? (a) Eli, (b) Samuel, (c) Nathan, (d) David.

_____ 9. Which Psalm says this? "We are His people and the sheep of His pasture." (a) 1, (b) 23, (c) 44, (d) 100.

_____ 10. Who became a shepherd in Midian for his uncle? (a) Jacob, (b) David, (c) Moses, (d) Caleb.

Have a great weekend, and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 02/25/2017 Quiz

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