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A Bible Birdwatch

As you can see from the title, today's quiz has to do with birds in the Bible... Carefully consider each question because I wouldn't want any of you to wing it. As always, have fun...

_____ 1. What Bible book says that anyone who scorns his parents will have their eyes pecked out by ravens? (a) Psalms, (b) Proverbs, (c) Ecclesiastes.

_____ 2. In Revelation, what bird goes around crying, "Woe! Woe!" (a) a raven, (b) an eagle, (c) a pigeon, (d) a pterodactyl.

_____ 3. In Song of Solomon, the lover compares his beloved's eyes to what bird? (a) a pigeon, (b) a hawk, (c) a dove, (d) a sparrow.

_____ 4. This man compared his days to eagles swooping down on their prey. (a) Job, (b) David, (c) Elijah, (d) Elisha.

_____ 5. On what day did God create birds? (a) 2, (b) 3, (c) 4, (d) 5.

_____ 6. Who had a dream about birds eating out of a basket on his head? (a) Elijah, (b) Elisha, (c) Pharaoh's baker, (d) Pharaoh's butler.

_____ 7. On Mt. Sinai, God told Moses He had carried the Israelites out of Egypt on the wings of what bird? (a) an eagle, (b) a dove, (c) condor, (d) hawk.

_____ 8. This Babylonian king had a dream of a tree where every bird found shelter. (a) Belshazzar, (b) Cyrus, (c) Nebuchadnezzar, (d) Darius.

_____ 9. Who had a vision of a lion with eagle's wings. (a) Ezekiel, (b) Daniel, (c) Jeremiah, (d) Clydeous.

_____ 10. In the NT, he had a vision of a sheet filled with four-footed animals, reptiles and birds. (a) Peter, (b) John, (c) Paul, (d) Timothy.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 03/04/2017 Quiz

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