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The Lone Ranger Rides Again

Last week's quiz was about donkeys, so I couldn't resist asking some questions about horses.... So..... You must answer all the questions as there will be no neighs, and you can't whiney if you get one incorrect... As always, have fun....

_____ 1. What OT book contains a hymn celebrating drowned horses? (a) Exodus, (b) Isaiah, (c) Ecclesiastes, (d) Jeremiah.

_____ 2. Who sang the hymn about the horse and its rider in the above question? (a) Isaiah, (b) Jeremiah, (c) Miriam, (d) Clydeous.

_____ 3. What NT figure had a vision of locusts that looked like horses? (a) John the Baptist, (b) John, (c) Peter, (d) Paul.

_____ 4. What evil queen was executed by Jerusalem's Horse Gate? (a) Jezebel, (b) Athaliah, (c) Rubeous, (d) I made this one up.

_____ 5. What OT leader was told to cripple the horses of his enemies? (a) Moses, (b) Ahab, (c) Joshua, (d) David.

_____ 6. What OT king had 12,000 horses? (a) Saul, (b) David, (c) Solomon, (d) Hezekiah.

_____________________ 7. What 2 prophets were separated by horses of fire? (too easy for clues)

_____________________ 8. What queen had her blood spattered on King Jehu's horse? (ditto)

_____ 9. What king removed the horse idols that previous kings of Judah had dedicated to sun worship? (a) Hezekiah, (b) Jehoash, (c) Amaziah, (d) Josiah.

_____ 10. Who ordered 70 horsemen to accompany Paul out of Jerusalem? (a) Festus, (b) Felix, (c) Claudius Lysias, (d) Agrippa.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 03/25/2017 Quiz

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