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Is It I Who Willingly Sin?

"Lord is it I?" (Matt.26:22). "Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness" (I Jn.3:4).

There is obviously a dark side to the question that Jesus posed to His disciples when they celebrated their last Passover feast. Jesus had just told them that one of them with whom He had shared three years with would betray Him. Their question, Lord, is it I, was a response of guilt and disbelief that one of them would commit this horrible sin. And so, when it comes to an honest introspection on our part, what things are we guilty of that ought to make us ashamed? Today's verse from I John lets us know about sins that are considered to be lawlessness... I believe that he is talking about those things we know to be wrong that we do anyway. Is it I who does not let my speech reflect my beliefs? (Col.4:6) Is it I who does not take The Lord's Supper seriously enough? (I Cor.11:27) Is it I who holds vengeful thoughts in my mind? (Rom.12:19) Is it I who has grown weary of doing good things? (Gal.6:9). Is it I who has been selfish and self-centered? (Phil.2:4). I have left a lot out like drunkenness, gossip, envy and misplaced loyalty... I guess its easy for us to figure out where I going with this. Jesus had greater expectations of His disciples, and it must have been painful to Him that Judas would be a betrayer. When we take the Lord into our lives, just as with His disciples, He has great expectations for us too. When it comes to committing the terrible sins I have listed, He wants us to be above the fray. He calls us to be pure and unblemished... It is only through God's grace that we can be penitent, and repent of those things we shouldn't do and come back to Him. It ought to be a goal to answer Is it I with a resounding no...

Have a great day... Make your part of the world better.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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