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Perhaps you figured out from the title that today's quiz is related to plants in the Bible. I hope you are able to cultivate some positive thoughts as you harvest some correct answers.... As always, have fun...

_____ 1. What kind of plant miraculously sprung up to give shade to Jonah? (a) a gourd, (b) a sycamore, (c) a hibiscus, (d) a fig tree.

_____ 2. She used mandrakes to lure Jacob to sleep with her for a night. (a) Rachel, (b) Zilpah, (c) Leah, (d) Bilhah.

_____ 3. He used rods of poplar, almond, (hazel) and chestnut trees (plane) to make "genetic" changes in his sheep. (a) Jacob, (b) Hosea, (c) Amos, (d) Clydeous.

_____ 4. What kind of tree did a weary Elijah sit under? (a) an oak, (b) a sycamore, (c) a juniper, (broom) (d) it doesn't say.

_____ 5. This plant had such a bitter taste that it became a symbol for sorrow and disaster. (a) specie of grape, (b) willow, (c) sedge, (d) wormwood.

_______________ 6. In the NT, this tree supposedly had the smallest of seeds.

_____ 7. This book in the OT mentions both the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley. (a) Psalms, (b) Proverbs, (c) Song of Solomon, (d) Joshua.

_____ 8. According to the book of Job, this mythological creature eats grass like an ox. (a) Dragon, (b) Behemoth, (c) Seraphim, (d) Widget.

_______________ 9. (a kid's question) What kind of tree did Zacchaeus climb up to see Jesus?

_____ 10. According to the book of Exodus, manna resembled _______________ seed. (a) sesame, (b) caraway, (c) fennel, (d) coriander.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His Day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 04/01/2017 Quiz

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