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Blowin' In the Wind

This morning's quiz is all about how the wind blew at different times in the Bible... Needless to say, I know you can find the answer my friend.... As always, have fun...

_____ 1. What OT book speaks of life as a "chasing after the wind?" (a) Psalms, (b) Proverbs, (c) Ecclesiastes, (d) Song of Solomon.

_____ 2. Where were the disciples when they heard a sound like "the blowing of a violent wind from heaven?" (a) Bethany, (b) Damascus, (c) Jerusalem, (d) Oz.

_____ 3. He had a dream of 7 heads of grain sprouted ---- "thin and scorched by the east wind." (a) Nebuchadnezzar, (b)Belshazzar, (c) Darius, (d) Pharaoh.

_____ 4. What loathsome creatures did God blow into Egypt with an east wind? (a) frogs, (b) locusts, (c) gnats, (d) tsetse flies.

_____ 5. This prophet was told to cut off his hair and scatter 1/3 of it to the wind? (a) Ezekiel, (b) Ezra, (c) Obadiah, (d) Zechariah.

_____ 6. How long did the east wind last that parted the Red Sea? (a) one hour, (b) 5 hours, (c) all night long, (d) two days.

_____ 7. According to James, what kind of person is like a wave of the sea blown and tossed by the wind? (a) a gossip, (b) a dummy, (c) a doubter, (d) I made this up.

_____ 8. In I Kings, this prophet experienced a great and powerful wind that tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks. (a) Samuel, (b) Elijah, (c) Eli, (d) Clydeous.

_____ 9. His kids were killed at a feast when a mighty wind swept in from the desert? (a) Pharaoh, (b) Job, (c) Elijah, (d) Lot.

_____ 10. According to the book of Job, what directional wind will eventually strike down the wicked? (a) north, (b) south, (c) east, (d) west.

Have a wonderful weekend and a glorifying and uplifting day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 04/29/2017 Quiz

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