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The Era Of The Judges

"So the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord. They forgot the Lord their God, and served the Baals and Asherahs" (Judges 3:7). "These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come" (I Cor.10:11).

The group that meets in our home on Tuesday evenings has just embarked on a study of the Book of Judges. The era of the judges marked a time between the arrival of the Israelites in Canaan and the crowning of their 1st king. God raised these judges periodically to help with them civil matters, disputes and military conflicts. The accounts in this book present some of the individuals as noteworthy and others as somewhat disappointing. The reason for raising up judges is summed up by the statement found in today's 1st verse. So the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord....The people were supposed to live with God as their king and the Mosaic Law to guide their ways. If they would have done this, God would have aided them in conquering all the surrounding people and allowing them to live the way God had designed them to. Unfortunately, they looked around at the pagan people intermingled with them, and even worshiped their gods.... There are some timeless lessons for God's people (us) to learn from the Israelites' failure to keep their covenant with God. We come to understand this by today's second verse... When we take on Jesus as our Savior, we enter into a similar covenant... Here are a few of the lessons; (1) God does turn away from His people and His steadfast love endures forever. (2) Persistent rebellion (sin) by people within this covenant invites disaster. (3) Those who turn their backs on God may suffer consequences for their actions. (4) Character is built by being faithful. Those who put their trust in Him today should never trifle with sin. We should use all our energies to serve Him faithfully. When we fall short, we must turn back to our faithful Lord and repent. We should never excuse our sins lightly or take God's forgiveness for granted. We must love Him with all our hearts and souls....

Have a great day... T   G   I   F         Today God Is First.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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