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Take Your Medicine And Eat Your Veggies

"How shall we escape if we neglect (ignore) such a great salvation" (Heb.2:3).

In my next to last visit to the my doctor, (he is new to us) he made several suggestions. Eat better, exercise regularly and lose some weight were among them. Perhaps some of these suggestions have been made to you too. The suggestions are not a part of some great mystery of life, are they? Even though today's familiar verse lets us know that salvation is great, and puts it into plain and simple words, if we are not disposed to listen, what good will the words do? For the wonderful blessing to be effectual, it must be appropriated. A book may have helpful information for us within its pages, but it directly affects only those who read it... The shining sun drives out the darkness, but for us to see we must open up our eyes... Vegetables in a garden contain many helpful nutrients, but they are only useful to those who eat and digest them. If we have been prescribed a particular medication to help cure a condition, it does no good if it remains in the bottle... So it is with the truths of Christianity. They come from Christ and have been confirmed (Heb.2:3) but they will not save if we neglect them. Christ did His part in giving the Word, and we must do our part in obeying it. Condemnation is not just reserved for thieves, murderers, scoffers, atheists or out in out bad guys... Neglect alone will destroy a man. Make no mistake about it... Just as neglect will destroy teeth, wreck health, break friendships, turn a beautiful garden to weeds and briars, ruin a business, or transform a lovely home into a shack, it will condemn us. My advice today is to take your medicine and eat your veggies....

Have a great day... Make your little part of the world better... Love mark Phil.4:11

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