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There really are a lot of cities and towns mentioned in the Bible, So this morning we'll get tested again on our knowledge of them... Remember... Cross at the corners and wait for the light.... Its as easy as ABCD....

_____ 1. What is the 1st of the 7 cities in Asia mentioned by John in Revelation? (a) Pergamum, (b) Thyatira, (c) Ephesus, (d) Sardis.

_____ 2. In what Greek city did Silas and Timothy stay while Paul went to Athens? (a) Berea, (b) Troas, (c) Derbe, (d) It doesn't say.

_____ 3. What city was the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus? (a) Bethany, (b) Jerusalem, (c) Cana, (d) Joppa.

_____ 4. What city was the site of Jacob's famous dream? (a) Haran, (b) Paddan-Aram, (c) Mamre, (d) Bethel.

_____ 5. In what Canaanite city were Joseph's bones laid to rest? (a) Shittim, (b) Shechem, (c) Hebron, (d) Timnath.

_____ 6. In what city was Cornelius converted? (a) Jerusalem, (b) Azotus, (c) Caesarea, (d) Damascus.

_____ 7. When John the Baptist was in prison, where did Jesus stay? (a) Bethany, (b) Capernaum, (c) Nazareth, (d) It doesn't say.

_____ 8. What city was the home of Philemon? (a) Colossae, (b) Philippi, (c) Ephesus, (d) Thessalonica.

_____ 9. What sinful Greek city had two (2) letters sent to it by Paul? (a) Thessalonica, (b) Corinth, (c) Colossae, (d) Athens.

_____10. In what Syrian city did Paul (then Saul) have his sight restored? (a) Palmyra, (b) Emmaus, (c) Hebron, (d) Damascus.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 06/17/2017 Quiz

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