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More Cities And Towns

I didn't realize there were so many cities and towns in the Bible, but there are... In today's quiz you will answer some questions related to them.... Your GPS won't help.

_____ 1. What city that Paul visited had the patron saint of Artemis (Dianna)? (a) Joppa, (b) Ephesus, (c) Philippi, (d) Thessalonica.

_____ 2. In what city did Jonah board a ship bound for Tarshish? (a) Joppa, (b) Nineveh, (c) Paphos, (d) Myra.

_____ 3. What Philistine city was the home of Goliath? (a) Ekron, (b) Ashdod, (c) Gath, (d) Eglon.

_____ 4. What Philistine city did Amos curse for its slave trade with Edom? (a) Ekron, (b) Gath, (c) Ashdod, (d) Gaza

_____ 5. Where did Abram go after leaving Ur? (a) Haran, (b) Sodom, (c) Moreh, (d) Zoar.

_____ 6. In what city were Paul and Barnabas deserted by John Mark? (a) Paphos, (b) Perga, (c) Derbe, (d) Iconium.

_____ 7. Of the 7 cities John writes to in Revelation, which receives the most praise? (a) Ephesus, (b) Smyrna, (c) Laodicea, (d) Philadelphia.

_____ 8. To what city was Paul's longest epistle sent? (a) Rome, (b) Corinth, (c) Ephesus, (d) some unknown city.

_____ 9. From what city did Paul bid farewell to the Ephesian elders? (a) Troas, (b) Assos, (c) Kiros, (d) Miletus.

_____10. What city was Melchizedek the king of? (a) Mamre, (b) Salem, (c) Zoar, (d) Haran.

Have a great weekend and a glorifying and uplifting day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 06/24/2017 Quiz

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