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Against The Wall

I found it surprising that there are a great number of times in the Bible that walls are a part of the narrative. Today's quiz is about walls... Don't get driven up one trying to find the answers. As always, have fun...

_____ 1. What perfectly square city has walls described as jasper? (a) Jericho, (b) Damascus, (c) the new Jerusalem, (d) Rome.

_____ 2. What prophet was trapped against a wall by an angel with a drawn sword, crushing his foot? (a) Isaiah, (b) Hosea, (c) Amos, (d) Balaam.

_____ 3. Who escaped through the wall of Damascus by being let down in a basket? (a) the spies, (b) Paul, (c) Peter, (d) Clydeous.

_____ 4. Whose body was fastened to the wall of Beth-shan by the Philistines? (a) Samson, (b) Saul, (c) Joab, (d) Abner.

_____ 5. What prophet measured the wall of the temple district? (a) Ezekiel, (b) Ezra, (c) Nehemiah, (d) Daniel.

_____ 6. Who actually had the walls of Jerusalem built? (a) Nehemiah, (b) Solomon, (c) David, (d) Alexander.

_____ 7. What OT foreign invader tore down the walls of Jerusalem? (a) Beltshazzer, (b) Cyrus, (c) Darius, (d) Nebuchadnezzar.

_____ 8. What warrior, the victim of a king's scheming, was killed when stuck by arrows from the wall of Rabbah? (a) Jonathon, (b) Uriah the Hittite, (c) Abner, (d) Philip of Macedonia.

_____ 9. In what besieged city did the king, walking on the city wall, meet a woman who told him she had eaten her son for dinner? (a) Samaria, (b) Damascus, (c) Nineveh, (d) There's no such city.

_____ 10. What wine steward sat down and cried when he learned that the walls of Jerusalem had not been rebuilt? (a) Ezekiel, (b) Ezra, (c) Nehmiah, (d) Daniel.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and l glorifying day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 07/15/2017 Quiz

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