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Today's quiz is about portable places to dwell that are found in the Bible, hence my cute title... Don't go falling in love with it now, because we're taking it back with us when we leave next month.... As always, have fun....

_____ 1. Who accepted an invitation to hide in a tent and then was murdered by the woman who invited him? (a) Barak, (b) Sisera, (c) Heber, (d) Clydeous.

_____ 2. What, in the dream of a Midianite soldier, tumbled into their camp and flattened a tent? (a) a barley loaf, (b) a large cookie, (c) a big stone, (d) I made this one up.

_____ 3. Who took spoils from the fallen Jericho and buried them inside his tent? (a) Caleb, (b) Achan, (c) Jabin, (d) Basra.

_____ 4. What OT character took his wife into his mother's tent on their wedding night? (a) Abraham, (b) Isaac, (c) Jacob, (c) Esau.

_____ 5. Who stored Goliath's armor in his tent? (a) David, (b) Saul, (c) the Philistine king, (d) It doesn't say.

_____ 6. What tent was made according to God's specifications? (a) The tent of sacrifice, (b) the tent of meeting, (c) the tabernacle, (d) Pewee's tent.

_____ 7. Who pitched a tent in Jerusalem to house the ark of the covenant? (a) Saul, (b) David, (c) Solomon, (d) Samuel.

_____ 8. Who killed an Israelite and a Moabite woman inside their tent? (a) Jael, (b) Phinehas, (c) Balak, (d) Balaam.

_____ 9. Who did Noah say would live in the tents of Shem? (a) his whole family, (b) Ham, (c) Shem's family, (d) Japheth.

_____ 10. What rebel against David said; "Every man to his tents, O Israel? (a) Absalom, (b) Sheba, (c) Abner, (d) Joab.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 08/05/2017 Quiz

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