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Life's Too Short To Be Arrogant

"As it is, you boast and brag. All such boasting is evil" (Jas.4:16).

Have you known any braggarts in your life? They can be hard to be around, can't they? Humans can get so full of themselves sometimes, and James addresses that here. In the context, he is speaking about a rich merchant who is planning some "buying sessions" in other cities over the next year. James reminds him that "you do not even know what will happen tomorrow..." To make his point about making plans without including God, James lets everyone know about the brevity of life itself. The merchant, and us, would do well to make plans that are contingent to the will of God. In The Parable Of The Rich Fool, Jesus makes the same point. Having had a successful growing season, the wealthy farmer decided to tear down his barns and build bigger ones to store all of his grain and goods... Thinking he "had it made," he said this; "I'll say to myself, 'You have many good things laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry' " (Lk.1219). Jesus' response to this? "You fool! This very night your life will be demanded of you." To take the teaching one step forward He said this; "Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?" (Lk.12:20). Not only is it foolish to make plans as though life in this world were unending, it is offensive to God. To plan as if God does not exist, is to boast in one's own arrogance. James wraps it all up in a simple package when he says that "all such boasting is evil..." I say all of this in the light of how wonderful each day we live as a Christian is because Jesus said that he came that we might have an abundant life. (Jn.10:10) We just need to include Him in all of our important decision making with the knowledge that our hearts do not beat forever....

Have a wonderful day.... Make your little part of the world better... Love mark Phil.4:11

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