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Artsy Crafty Types

Today's quiz is about some folks in the Bible that had certain artsty/crafty skills. The questions should carve out a place in your hearts... As always, have fun....

_____ 1. What enemy of Paul was a famous silversmith in Ephesus? (a) Artemis, (b) Simon, (c) Demetrius, (d) Clydeous.

_____ 2. What famous OT character fashioned a brass snake? (a) Aaron, (b) Jacob, (c) Moses, (d) Elijah.

_____ 3. Who was the 1st metal craftsman mentioned in the Bible? (a) Jacob, (b) Tubal-Cain, (c) Aaron, (d) Jacob.

_____ 4. What Israelite, a worker in gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood, had responsibility for furnishing the tabernacle? (a) Bezalel, (b) Hiram, (c) Ahisamach, (d) Aaron.

_____ 5. Who had a big ship made out of gopher wood? (a) Paul, (b) Noah, (c) Ham, (d) If you miss this one, you fail the quiz!

_____ 6. According to Paul, what coppersmith had done him great harm? (a) Demetrius, (b) Hiram, (c) Popeil, (d) Alexander.

_____________ 7. Who fashioned a golden calf in the OT?

_____________ 8. What was the trade of Paul, Aquila and Priscilla?

_____ 9. What craftsman from Tyre was put in charge of all the bronze work in the temple? (a) Solomon, (b) Hiram, (c) Androcles, (d) it doesn't say.

_____ 10. This son of a goldsmith was involved in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. (a) Uzziel, (b) Huram, (c) Uriah, (d) Hanun.

Have a great weekend and and a meaningful and uplifting day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 08/12/2017 Quiz

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