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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Life is often marked by the things one loves, and its not always people... In today's quiz you are to match the person with the object of his or her love... You'll love me for this later...

_____ 1. Christ                        (a) Husbandry (the soil)

_____ 2. Father                        (b) An adulteress

_____ 3. God                           (c) Salutations

_____ 4. Isaac                          (d) Tamar

_____ 5. Amnon                       (e) World

_____ 6. Young Ruler               (f) Rachel

_____ 7. Uzziah                        (g) Savory meat

_____ 8. Jacob                         (h) Prodigal son

_____ 9. Scribes                       (i) Church

_____10. Hosea                         (j) Possessions

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day.... LOVE mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 10/14/2017 Quiz

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