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Silver And Gold

The two precious metals often mentioned in the Bible are silver and gold. In today's quiz you are to match the name on the left with the proper statement about silver and gold... Sorry... No free samples.

___ 1. Abram                      (a) Called to work with silver and gold

___ 2. Peter                         (b) Coveted no man's silver and gold

___ 3. Israelite women          (c) Commanded Israelites to burn gold and silver

___ 4. Bezaleel                      (d) Had no silver and gold to give

___ 5. Moses                        (e) Made silver and gold as common as stones

___ 6. Disciples                     (f) Commanded to borrow silver and gold jewelry

___ 7. Paul                             (g) Wealthy in silver and gold

___ 8. Asa                              (h) Told not to carry silver and gold on a mission

___ 9. Solomon                      (i) Showed his silver and gold to men who later seized it

___10.Jehoash                         (j) Plundered silver and gold from the Temple

___11. Hezekiah                      (k) Sent gold and silver to Ben-Hadad

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil.4:11

Answers for 10/21/2017 Quiz

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