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A Dog And A Pig

"It happened to them according to the true proverb, 'A dog returns to its own vomit,' and, 'A sow, after washing, returns to wallowing in the mire' " (2 Pet.2:22).

My stomach always get a bit queasy when I read about the dog and its vomit, but that's for a little later... Teachers who taught untruths were slaves to their corruption, and they threatened to enslave others. When slavery was a common practice, a slave just didn't walk up to his owner and announce that his servitude was over. It just isn't that easy to walk away from enslavement... This slavery that we are speaking about is being shackled in sin. There's a popular notion out there in the world that sin is not so serious after all. One attitude that a person might have is that God waits like an old grandfather, ready to forgive. It is true that God waits patiently for all sinners to come to Him, for though Christ, God will forgive the penitent sinner. The danger here is that sin can corrupt and defile the mind to the extent that a godly life is buried beneath the rubble of bitterness, hatred and sensuality. Peter goes so far as to say that when a Christian is drawn back into that former life, the grip of sin becomes even stronger than it was in the first place... Sin secures and tightens the shackles. To make this point, Peter draws from Proverbs 26:11, which he repeats in today's verse about the dog and the pig.... Since we view pigs living in slop anyway, that illustration doesn't seem so bad, but that dog/vomit thing always clinches it for me. He says that for a Christian to turn back to the world and its corruption was like a dog, lapping up its own vomit... Ugggh..... The scene is so repugnant, that just the thought of going back into the sinful world after tasting the riches of the Lord, should seal the deal for all of us. We have all heard that in today's world, the "news cycle" is on an every minute of every day spin. The Christian life is like that too. We are God's children every minute of every day, so we must act like it...

Have a wonderful day... Do good, and give God the credit.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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