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Accursed Children

"But these men blaspheme in matters they do not understand. They are like brute beasts, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, and like beasts they too will perish" (2 Pet.2:12).

This issue about those who are teaching falsehoods is really important to the apostle Peter. His passionate attack on them intensified as he considered their methods. The utter harshness in his words cause us to go back to the Psalms for more... The psalmist prays this: "Break the teeth in their mouths, O God, tear out, O Lord, the fangs of the lions!" (Psa.58:6) Another reads, "May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow. May his children be wandering beggars." (Psa. 109:9-10).The psalmist and Peter testify to the indignation felt by people of God when the guilty exploit the vulnerable and innocent...Such language offers no model for Christian behavior, but rather, it affirms that God holds the guilty responsible for what they do. In concert, neither the psalmist nor Peter elect to take vengeance into their own hands. God will judge in due time. Peter's passion 2,000 years ago is a subtle reminder that the problem still exists today. There is a never-ending struggle in the living of a Christian life. Though we probably don't face beatings and imprisonment, many suffer from the heartache of seeing loved ones or family and friends caught up in the abandonment of sensuality and greed... The way of the world exploits the weak, curses the holy, and lives by fear and hatred. Peter is angry at those who would lead the young in faith back into a sinful life. His righteous indignation should wear well on each of us who want to honor God and find true life.

Have a great day... Make your little part of the world better... Love mark Phil.4:11

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