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220...221... Whatever It Takes!

"And his incomparable power for us who believe. That power is like the working of his mighty strength which he exerted in Christ..." (Eph.1:19-20).

I couldn't resist using a line from the movie Mr. Mom in the title today. I'll get to it in a minute... Considered in one way, nothing at all is required of the one who wants to share in the Christian inheritance. God extends His grace, and folks either choose to accept it or not. Here's the catch... God's grace is not cheap. To lay hold of His grace is to embrace a whole new way of life. When an obedient believer has repented, confessed and been baptized into Christ, the Lord adds him or her to His church. After that, the saved one is to live faithfully in Christ. Baptism, as a mere act, devoid of faith and faithfulness, saves no one. Rather, it is an initial step, not a finishing act on the road to salvation... The good news is that Christ does not leave those washed clean of sin without resources. Lets look at today's verses. And his incomparable power for us who believe it says... Other Bible versions use the modifiers, exceeding greatness or surpassing. Just where does this incomparable power come from you ask? "That power is like the working of his mighty strength which he exerted in Christ." The companion of Christians in their struggle against sin is the man that God raised from the dead and seated at His right hand. God has placed all rule and authority at His disposal. He's the 220, 221... Whatever it takes! He, Jesus Christ, exercises His authority and power in the lives of Christians, those who constitute His church. The power is matchless... He is with His people, protecting, sustaining, empowering, forgiving, nurturing and teaching.... With such a powerful friend, a Christian is able to persevere in the face of temptation and sin. Great power, wouldn't you say?

Have a great day.... Let His light shine through you.... Love mark Phil.4:11

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