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Creative people have found things to write on or with over the centuries. In today's quiz, you are to choose the proper writing materials. Make all your marks clear, and no erasures... As always, have fun...

___ 1.   In defense of an adulterous women, Jesus wrote on what? (a) a stone, (b) the ground, (c) a scroll, (d) her forehead.

___ 2.   Ezekiel was told by God to write on this. (a) sticks, (b) a tablet, (c) a parchment. (d) I made this up.

___ 3.   At Belshazzar'a party, a hand wrote on this. (a) the ceiling, (b) the floor, (c) the wall, (d) the thin air.

___ 4.   In Exodus, God wrote on the stone tablets with this. (a) His finger, (b) a chisel, (c) the words just appeared.

___ 5.   Paul said the Corinthians were a epistle written where? (a) his diary, (b) along with his others writings, (c) his heart, (d) his memory.

___ 6.   Jesus said the woman arrayed in purple and scarlet colors had a name written on her what? (a) heart, (b) arm, (c) clothes, (d) forehead.

___ 7.   God commanded the Israelites to write his Commandments on what parts of their houses? (a) doors and floors, (b) doorposts and gates, (c) ceilings and gates, (d) gates and doorknobs.

___ 8.   God told Isaiah to take a large _________, and write on it with a ________. (a) stone tablet and chisel, (b) scroll and pen, (c) sheet of paper and crayon, (d) This isn't in the Bible.

___ 9.   God told Moses to write Aaron's name on the _________ of Levi. (a) phylactery, (b) lapel, (c) rod, (d) hand.

___10.  Before John was born, a mute Zacharias asked for a writing _________ and wrote, His name is John. (a) utensil, (b) tablet, (c) papyrus, (d) ipod.

  Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day....    Love                            mark                            Phil.4:11

Answers for 11/25/2017 Quiz

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