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Being Unashamed

Folks find causes and actions to devote themselves to of which they are proud or unashamed. Today, you are to match the person or persons with the actions about which they are unashamed. Answer with confidence and don't be ashamed of your answers....

____  1.   Was not ashamed of the cause of Jesus Christ.                                               (a) Jesus

____  2.   Were not ashamed of their nakedness until they sinned.                                   (b) Workers

____  3.   Was not ashamed that he reproached Job 10 times                                          (c) Paul

____  4.   Was not ashamed of Paul's chains.                                                                  (d) Paul

____  5.   Is not ashamed to call the sanctified his brothers.                                             (e) Bildad

____  6.   According to John, they should not be ashamed at Jesus' coming.                    (f) Believers (Little children)

____  7.   Said Christians should not be ashamed to suffer as Christians.                          (g) Peter

____  8.   Need not be ashamed with how they handle (divide) God's Word                      (h) Isaiah

____  9.   Was not ashamed of the authority given him for edification.                               (i) Onesiphorus

____ 10.  Said that those who wait on the Lord should not be ashamed.                             (j) Adam and Eve

  Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day....    Love                            mark                              Phil.4:11

Answers for 12/02/2017 Quiz

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